Shimano XTR
A faster, lighter, and more refined XTR group for XC racing or trail riding


10 extraordinary models—from affordable hardtails to the fastest trail bike we could find.
New hydraulic disc systems for mountain bikes lift SRAM to the top of the braking field
The new model is lighter, faster and ideal for aggressive trail riding and enduro racing

Latest News & Blogs
A few tips for riding fat bikes—your ticket to winter freedom
Torrential rain, backyard barbeques, and dance parties make for an unforgettable race.
45Nrth's Wölvhammer uses NASA-grade insulation to keep your feet warm when temperatures plummet below freezing
To get motivated for the season, set big goals—like the six-day TransAndes Challenge race across Patagonia.
Jacksonville, Florida, offers wild mountain bike adventures for nearly every rider

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