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Where the Trail Ends: Behind the Scenes
Cam Zink offers a behind-the-scenes-look as he scouts for huge first descents in China.
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Freeride Entertainment, producers of the New World Disorder video series, traveled to China several years ago seeking new lines for its NWD 9 video. Now the filmers have returned for an upcoming project called Where the Trail Ends, a movie that focuses on big-mountain riding. One of the film's stars, Cam Zink, offers a quick glimpse behind the scenes as he travels to the high desert-mountain of China, searching for first descents down wide-open lines. With high-speed runs down natural terrain that lack any sort of impoved trail, the riding style has more in common with big-mountain skiing than it does traditional mountain biking, and has some of the world's top riders getting squinty-eyed with topo maps as they search for the next big line.



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Amazing experience! I just love watching these videos and this type of shows. They're great and I think it's something you can never forget. bye now!
This must have been the experience of a lifetime. I envy people who get to do things like this. I'm sure it was an amazing ride. Jill